Every Lunch Matters assists students with negative cafeteria account balances by paying off their account balances. With the approval Senate Bill 265 in October 2019, every student in Long Beach Unified School District in grades pre-kindergarten to twelfth receives a full reimbursable breakfast and/or lunch regardless of his/her cafeteria account balance. However, students who do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals are still expected to pay for meals received. 

Many households in Southern California struggle to make ends meet. For example, a household of four with annual income exceeding $47,638 will not qualify for free meals this school year. There are also children living in poverty but their parents/guardians, for one reason or another, do not file a meal application for them; therefore, they are not eligible for free meals. Households/students in situations described here can be found in all district’s schools. 

Studies show you can’t learn on an empty stomach, so let’s help Long Beach youth succeed.  Be an Appetite Angel and donate today!  Donate HERE.  

Every Lunch Matters was founded when one mom realized students were going hungry in LBUSD. The policy of the district is to restrict students who do not have money or credit to a milk and a piece of fruit. The rest of the tray goes into the trash. She couldn’t imagine her growing 5 year old having to sustain himself (and focus in class) on such a small amount of food each day.

In an attempt to contact the district and make a donation to eliminate some negative balances for needy students, she realized it wouldn’t be easy.  She had to identify a school, meet with the principal, decide which students would receive the donations, etc… She was determined to make it EASY.  Easy for busy parents like herself to help hungry kids who are at school and want to learn and want to eat.

You can earmark your donation to your school of choice. Twenty-seven schools in Long Beach are Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools. That means every student at these 27 CEP schools receives free meals without further meal application. Therefore, those CEP schools are omitted from the list of schools to choose from. If your school of choice has received enough donations to cover students’ negative balances, your donation will remain at your school of choice to cover future debts. You donation is used at 100% towards to student cafeteria fund. Donations that do not specify a school site will be directed to the “most needy” category.

Donate HERE.  Lunch costs $2.75 (3.25 for Middle School)

Schools in Need of Donations (Excludes schools that are fed for free):

Elementary Schools – Alvarado, Barton, Birney, Bixby, Bryant, Burbank, Burcham, Carver, Cleveland, Dooley, Emerson, Fremont, Gant, Henry, Holmes, Kettering, Longfellow, Los Cerritos, Lowell, MacArthur, Madison, Mann, Naples, Prisk, Riley, Twain, Webster, Willard

K-8 Schools – Cubberley, Gompers, Hudson, Muir, Newcomb, Powell, Tincher

Middle Schools – Bancroft, Hamilton, Hoover, Hughes, Keller, Marshall, Rogers, Stanford, Stephens

High Schools – Avalon (K-12), Browning, Cabrillo, California Academy for Mathematics and Science, Jordan, Lakewood, McBride, Millikan, Polytechnic, Renaissance, Sato, Wilson

If you or someone you know would like to say thank you for a gift from an Appetite Angel, please email EveryLunchMattersLB@gmail.com

Partnership opportunities available. Email EveryLunchMattersLB@gmail.com